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The Red Coil is an Italian  southern/sludge/rock band formed in April 2008 in the west Milan area.
The name The Red Coil is related to the concept of Kundalini, the energy that resides in the subtle body  traditionally represented as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine.  Inspired by the "doom gods" Black Sabbath  and by the sludge/stoner sound  (Crowbar, Down, Black Label Society, Entombed and many more ) The Red Coil’s music with its  raw attitude, is the alcoholic heavy riffs soundtrack for an altered trip along the "left hand path". The band released the first Ep "Sloug Off" in 2009 including three tracks  and receiving very good feedback.  The song "Burning Shores" was chosen to open the Sludge Swamp Comp Vol.II promoted by the Sludge Swamp Webzine, and for this track TRC  realized a video clip inspired by the Hindu Aghora tradition.  After a couple of years spent playing in the north of Italy with some important bands of the stoner/doom scene they began  working on the new material and on May 2011 they entered the Octopussy Studios to start the recording sessions of their first full length. Ten songs with a beer and whiskey flavor recorded and mixed by Andrea Garavaglia (Mesmerize) and mastered by Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere, Allhelluja) at Dead Rat Studio (Denmark).
On May 2012 The Red Coil signed a deal with the Italian label Buil2Kill Records / Nadir Promotion,  to promote and distribute the new record. Their debut album "Lam" finally come out on October 2012.  Groovy riffs , raw vocals, southern melodies and desert overtures, no frills, this is "Lam" !
These are  The Red Coil !

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